Talk With Your Colleagues Anonymously, With Blind


Tired of being monitored by your company while wanting to dish with colleagues about said company? Or maybe you’re curious about what people with similar..

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Gambling Is Like Coffee


Have you ever won one? A big one? No, we rarely do. So what is it that makes us keep coming back and tBetting-Sliphrowing away a fiver, tenner or who knows how much when we’re confident?

Whether its horses, the bankers in the 3pm kick offs or absolute certainties in the first round of Wimbledon, we are drawn to the ridiculous potential winnings. You’d have thought we’d have learned by now that the more teams or players we add, the less likely it is to come in.

The urge to add just one more team for an extra potential hundred quid on top of that potential fifteen hundred is just too much to ignore. And what about those offers that arrive in your email, through your door and on your mobile as you’re waking up?

So, lets gets down to it. It’s 3.12pm and all of your teams are losing and you’ve screwed up your slip (and probably placed another bet). We live and learn – or we should do.

This cycle repeats itself every week and we may win a few pennies back during the week but overall, we are the losers. The thrill of the pay-out will never disappear as long as we keep adding more teams to our slips and that’s what really intrigues us. Why don’t we place multiple smaller bets with more chance of securing some winnings?
The answer is simple: the thrill of the chase.  This idiom applies literally everywhere and as punters we should know better but we are hooked. Alright, hooked may be a strong word but gambling is like coffee. You probably could do without it but why should you? It’s not doing anyone any visible harm so why not have another one tomorrow?

Gamblers-Anonymous---I-bet-I-can-quit-Bottles---MugsI’m a big coffee drinker and sometimes a big gambler. I’ve fashioned a mild argument against a big accumulator today but will I be having a coffee tomorrow morning? Yes, probably while I make my selections for that 1,124,871/1 shot to finally come in.