Caught Reading A Book

For years, we have taken books for granted. We have them in schools and libraries. We are provided them in the waiting room at the doctors or the dentist. We receive them as gifts and some of us even enjoy a visit to a bookshop.

As a writer, I have naturally been a keen reader from a young age. I remember the basic Biff and Chip books in primary school, Recycled Cyril in bed and who could forget the Jacqueline Wilson girls books that I certainly never borrowed from my sister.

As a teenager, we did the usual Frankenstein and Kes for GCSEs and I was really into the Anthony Horowitz Stormbreaker series. On a long car journey or on a flight abroad, the first thing I would pack would be a book.

Since leaving school, I estimate 90% of my friends and colleagues have not even picked up a book to move it from the coffee table. Each to their own but what is happening to books? Why are they so uncool?

Growing up in the 90s, you would be ridiculed if you were caught reading a book. “Caught reading a book”. How is that a phrase? Answers on a postcard (or in the comment box).

Fast forward 10 years and the technology boom as fully hit us. Within 5 metres of me are the following:

  • PS4 with 2 Controllers
  • TV
  • Surround Sound
  • YouView Box
  • 4 Remote Controls
  • 2 Laptops
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
  • Mobile Phone
  • iPad
  • Router
  • Kindle

And that’s without routing around to look. Its mad, even the keys to your car are wireless! Not that any of this is a problem. I still have a wealth of books, a library card and a Kindle.

The Kindle, what a revolutionary idea this has been. The killer of bookshops, libraries and librarians according to some extremists – not those extremists.

This may be a little extreme but who knows what 10 years time will look like? Instead of doing your Christmas shop in Waterstone or WHSmith, maybe we’ll see a Kindle top up booth or simply everything will be online.

Whilst you ponder that, I’ll be finishing my book. Unless I get caught.


One thought on “Caught Reading A Book

  1. lesley kent says:

    just had to finish the last book on loan from m mum..sure kindles have a place but I’ve never know anyone have a paperback stolen from their handbag,car or house.I’ve left a few on holiday and only been mildly annoyed.,if you drop it in the bath it will dry out and of course they keep your knees warm!

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