Curried Coconut Dal Cauliflower Casserole

curried-cauliflower-dal Sooner or later (I fear sooner) there will be an entire category of recipes here loosely grouped under “What To Eat When The World Spins Out of Control.” Cauliflower will play a starring role, as will curry. Soup is always comforting, as much as anything can offer comfort in dark times. And given the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, not to mention Beirut and Kenya, a brutal attack that occurred months ago and is just now making waves in Western media, these are dark times indeed.

I have little to add to what I’ve already said in the face of incomprehensible tragedy: shock, fear, despair, solidarity. Perhaps cooking food & flavors from across the globe, in an attempt to remind myself and others that we are truly all one people under it all, is grasping at straws. But it’s all I’ve got. I fear if we stop…

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