End of January; Reflection on last year

January has absolutely flown by and I haven’t even had the time to make any resolutions. Do people even make resolutions any more?

I remember sitting in class in primary school and being forced to write 10 things I was going to change about my life aged 10 or so. I didn’t smoke, drink or take drugs so what on Earth were we supposed to change so drastically about our lives.

I am still hesitant about what I want to achieve in 2016 so I thought I’d look back on what happened in 2015 first and decided I needed to write it down hence this blog entry.

Last year started off in hospital when my throat decided to stop working so I’ve already bettered that waking up in my own bed.

Around February time, I discovered I had a hernia so all physical activity grounded to a halt, no football, cricket, bending, stretching or making coffee quickly. This was a tough period being the ever keen sportsman and the ever delayed operation just made things more frustrating. Come May and I was operated on and surprisingly signed off works for 2 very pleasant weeks spent on the balcony.

Week 3 of my rehabilatation bought a wedding in Santorini. If you’ve not been, google image Santorini now. Yep, that’s exactly how it looks. Absolutely beautiful and eating fresh fish on the beach every day was the perfect way to recover.

Moving into the summer, it wasn’t all work work work and miss the sun. I played golf from 5 in the morning until 8 at night for charity in what I thought would be the most exhausting day of my life but was up there with the most fun and certainly something I would do again.

The golf bug fully kicked in and became order of the day and I found an absolute gem of a golf hotel in Devon. Another place that I will not hesitate in returning to.

Returning from a week golfing bought a new job for a global giant and the next step in my career. Having hopefully secured myself, I am maybe overly ambitiously looking forward to further prospects and seeking to pull the future inward rather than waiting to see what happens.

As for this year, well I guess it’s now time to consider what I want to be different from last year. So time to ponder before another entry. Wouldn’t want to rush into things now.