Moving to Cornwall

Here’s a blog entry that I didn’t finish/publish from last year. It looked untidy in my drafts so here we go:

Last week, I spent a few days in Devon. A winter getaway if you like. We took the dog everywhere and went to the icy cold beaches and did a bit of pre Christmas shopping and spent many hours in empty, cosy pubs.

Delightful, I’m sure you will agree. I have been to Somerset, Devon and Cornwall on many occasions and in all seasons. So much so that I have often thought how wonderful it would be to move down that way. After all, house prices are lower and you get so much more for your money. Pretty much a no brainer.

There’s one thing that massivley stood out to me whilst visiting, however. What do people do in Cornwall?

Now, I don’t mean surfing and laying on the beach and spending countless hours at beach music festivals. I didn’t identify a career other than publican and we were the only visitors on more than one occasion. This is worrying not only for my aspirations to move there but also for the people living there surely? Ok, so the farmers make an obvious living but there was no evidence of any job you would associate with living in a city or earning a decent crust.

Perhaps, everybody works from home? I did ponder this but only for a few minutes whilst I waited for mobile signal and the public wifi to come back to life. There simply isn’t the bandwidth or technology available currently to support such a lifestyle.

It became apparent in my mind that I need to become a pioneer in this if I wanted to achieve my move to the western part of the country. Working from home on my farm/ pub/ normal person house in this part of the world has quickly become a short to mid term goal.

So please excuse me whilst I bulk buy extension cables and patch my way from London to Cornwall – the internet is quite good here, I wouldn’t want to leave it behind.




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