My misinformed opinion is more important

On arrival, you have to wait to be seated – nothing unusual there. However, you then have to go and select your own cutlery and pour your own drink. I am not lazy and am fully able bodied but after waiting for a seat instead of sitting at a clearly available table, this is not desirable service.

The menu is overpriced and is a huge display of the same thing over and over again. It’s chicken with sauce with a carb and extra if you want anything unprocessed. A salad or a corn on the cob, for example.

The food will arrive cold and your serving will not warrant the price tag but you shall not grumble because this is what you expected when placing your order – remember, there was no table service.

Personally, I have never eaten here however this review will prove more helpful than other reviews of regulars and passers-by. If everybody who’s nobody is in regular attendance then this culinary experience is not sought after.

Restaurants should be attended for the food not the experience or the geotag. A cult outing should be the local pub or a football pitch and that is what prevented and will continue to prevent my custom.




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