Voice Over WiFi

I was skimming through Linked In earlier this week and came across an article predicting the introduction of voice over Wi-Fi this year.

There were a few things about this article that interested me, the most interesting part was the writer’s ability to predict technology breakthroughs like Mystic Meg. There are many keyboard warriors on Linked In amongst the billions of spam recruiters that don’t have the time to read your profile but this did prompt me to delve further into the topic.

This isn’t a particularly new concept as EE and O2 have provided Wi-Fi calling for users on the tube and poor mobile signal areas for quite some time now. However, businesses and business VOIP providers are yet to adopt this.

There are, of course, the security concerns that come with making a call over public Wi-Fi. The same goes for internet banking – best not to do so in your local coffee shop unless you have a small fortune spare and don’t mind it going towards Korean hackers. However, as we proceed further into the 21st century, almost every large business has a firewall or even their own IT security department to look after you so we’re in safe hands.

So if it can work in the public domain – and underground no less – what is stopping the big boys from delivering voice over Wi-Fi?

If you can fit a Bluetooth chip into a FitBit, you can fit a wireless receiver into a Polycom or Cisco handset, right? Perhaps remove one of those useless USB ports. Surely, time must nearly be up for USB as a USP. I recall selling my first television and the couple requested one with a USB port. When I enquired the use for the USB, they confirmed they were future-proofing – I don’t think they knew what USB was.

I can sit at home and talk to people in Malaysia via Lync on my laptop (over Wi-Fi) and tell them all about the USB ports on my television. However, if I want to use my Cisco handset in the office then I need to be connected to a LAN port and have a power supply.

A power supply, how trivial! I could begin to go over my Linked In prediction for battery powered VOIP handsets but I have a call coming in from a recruiter that I must attend to so that I can read them my Linked In profile.





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