Bad Website or No Website?

I have been toying with the idea of taking down my website this week.

It is not serving its purpose of being an online portfolio as the company I used have become unresponsive and I cannot upload any recent work.

My contact form is not currently working so I have no new enquiries coming into my inbox via my website and my photos have seemingly become too large to load efficiently overnight.

I recently blogged elsewhere about UX (User Experience) and how critical it was to get it right from day one. However, I seem to have been a little hypocritical in my own work. 

9-5, I work for IP Solutions and major focus is on best of breed products, delivering usability and driving user adoption. I am a product ambassador and make my feelings clear if I don’t think a product or device is usable or as user friendly as it needs to be. 

Only yesterday, I opened up a browser version of a softphone and was shocked by the poor experience. If I were a customer, I’d be inclined to never attempt to use it again. Needless to say, I’ve pushed for some further development there.

Humans are programmed to look at pretty, shiny things and there is nothing wrong with that. You walk past a shop window and you want the best looking shoes, not the cheapest. You buy a house and you want the one with the most bedrooms and the outdoor pool, not the shack with no central heating.

Moving back to my website, with my network of social media connections and industry contacts, it’s hard to qualify exactly what my website is offering for my freelance work so I have made the decision to take it down rather than to promote what is simply poor work.

My chances of obtaining recurring freelance work via my website are reduced by the inability of the company I used to maintain my website or even reply to my email. This is a clear cut example of “If you buy on price, you buy twice”. I whored out my website to the lowest bidder and have been bitten by poor craft and quite diabolical customer service and experience. 

I write content for other people’s websites and blogs but on reflection I wouldn’t want my content on their website if it looked like mine currently did. 

The purpose of the blog, however, is not to point out how bad my experience with Futiq Technologies was but to retire my website for now (unless anybody has some free time and would like to fix this mess) and focus on writing rather than flogging a dead horse.

The morale of my story/ experience should be quite clear. Buy on price and you buy twice – but that was obvious and I was a fool in the first place. User experience is key – and if you don’t like it yourself then how on earth do you expect to sell it?!


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